C’est Haram

C’est Haram is a photographic journey unfolding the reasons behind the annihilation of the ancient Berber tradition of facial tattooing. C’est Haram ( Haram is the Arabic word used by Muslims to express the idea of committing an act of sin against God ) is the answer that most of those women gave me when I asked them why was this tradition slowly vanishing and why young generation were denying and rejecting such cultural practice. Those women photographed, expressing different feelings towards their tattoos, are some of the last representatives of this tradition which is soon to be forgotten.

The aim of this long term project seeks to understand and represents visually this shift in meaning, the reasons why this traditional tattoo has now become a shameful mark, a stigma, in conflict with the leading Arabic culture and the generational gap in perceiving the tattoo as a distinctive symbol of ethnic and cultural identity of a community.

C’est Haram is an ongoing project.