Al Bait for Hunter Magazine


When I ask Ilyass to pose with his dad for the photo he laughs and tells me that he used to trim his hair exactly in this position when he was little. After that, he kisses his mum on the cheek.

Bayt means home in Arabic language. Despite dialects and phonetics differences throughout the Arab world, bayt is a widely recognized term for home.

By portraying Italian youth from Arab and North African descent within their homes, I wanted to create a story that would celebrate the concept of family by challenging the stereotypical image of Arab masculinity whereas instead conveying a sense of intimacy, home and love.

Ilyass with his mum and dad ( Said & Amina) in Brescia,  Iman with his lifelong friend Amine who feels like a brother in Milan , Amina with her Dad Sami Salem in Rome, Iman and her sister Lamia and Yassine with his cat baby are the protagonist of this tender story who opened their door to us and let us create beautiful family portrait of their Bayt.