Latcho Drom

“Latcho Drom” is a Romani gypsy expression wishing safe travels to every nomad and traveller. Roma, as an ethnic group, have an almost untraceable ancient history which marries a plethora of different cultures and traditions over time. The history of English or specifically Irish Travellers (commonly known as Pavee), have origins which themselves are disputed and are indeed mysterious; despite them adhering to a distinct set of traditions.

This work is a developing project that I have recently started with a fellow photographer, Luca Manfredi. The idea came about from a desire to create an ethnographic- visual research on Pavee’s lifestyles and traditions with a special attention to the “pony kids”, the younger generations. We met several communities of travellers at a horse fair in Blackpool, Northern England and are working towards visiting other fairs and communities in the near future. Indeed, we’re only on the initial phase of the journey… so latcho drom to us!