Omani Shabab

Geographically nestled in the Arabian gulf between the massive presence of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, Oman is rarely an object of attraction for international attention. However, the quiet and peaceful sultanate of modern minded Sultan Qaboos, couldn’t be living a most fascinating creative moment. Within its metropolitan flavor, exhibitions and art collectives, the capital Muscat is becoming a “one to watch” artistic hub with a blossoming art scene and a very diverse art producers and consumers. Ruqayia, 29 years old illustrator and painter in her art addresses the issue of how people think that Arab women are restricted in their freedom, Abdulrahim, 30 years old, inter-disciplinary artist, works on provocative issues aiming to get his community to be able to talk about any topic in public and Mohammed al Kindy ( in art Chndy), is revolutionizing Middle Eastern fashion standards and the representation of his country by using people from the street as models for his own fashion label “shabab”. Those guys, together with Fatma al Bakry, first Middle Eastern Puma Ambassador and successful dj, Eman Ali, politically engaged photographer, Ali Sarji conceptual photographer working on African diaspora , are the new generation of Oman and their huge popularity is echoing around the Gulf countries and is supported by thousands of Arab Millennials.

Fighting against censorship and prejudices and offering a different portrait of the Arab culture, there are no doubts that the Omani youth (in Arabic “shabab”) is dictating new standards in the way they are representing their country and their identity, treasuring their heritage but projecting the sultanate into a very interesting upcoming future.